about the site

I came to like Scyther in a pretty roundabout way. Sure, I'd caught in the games to fill my Pokédex, but I never paid much attention to it until around 2005. It was around then that I got to know Butterfree/antialiasis of The Cave of Dragonflies and read her lenghty fanfiction, which feature Scyther. Her writings on Scyther made me take notice of it, and afterwards it was hard for me not to see how cool it was. (I ended up biased against Scizor as a result, whoops.)

I was running a large Pokémon fansite at the time (more about that on Rare Candy), but happened across a couple of Pokémon fanlistings one day and decided to apply to run some of my own. Scyther was my very first fanlisting, and has been open since July 2006. It's been hosted on a long list of URLs, but with any luck this will be its permanent home.

I had wanted to expand this fanlisting into a fansite for ages, but didn't get the push to do it until Amassment's Creature Feature challenge. The fansite portion opened in May 2014.


The site name comes from the move Fury Cutter. I did think about renaming the site when I expanded it, but after all these years I'm pretty attached to it. Scyther doesn't really have a signature move, and Fury Cutter isn't a particularly great move, but it's one I've always associated with Scyther all the same. I don't know about you, but I don't want to get in the way of its scythes.


This layout, the fourth layout for the fanlisting, is built on the skelJS framework, and is my first shot at building a responsive design. In order to make the coding easy, I wanted to keep to a minimalist design. The previous layout featured three shades of green, and I took that concept and expanded it for this design.

Because the layout is responsive, it works across all devices, from desktops to phones and tablets. If you encounter any issues, please do contact me; I'm new to this and am still working out the bugs.

The background pattern is by SubtlePatterns. The Pokéballs in the header are public domain. The sprite in the header is an edit I made of the Ruby/Sapphire sprite back in 2005/2006, after "overshading" and then enlarging it 2x:

I found the sprite in my Photobucket when I was compiling sprites for my Ninetales site, and immediately got the idea for this layout. I'm very happy with how it turned out.


Information about Scyther was referenced primarily from Bulbapedia and veekun. Sprites and images were taken from those two sources and also Psypoke, Serebii, Pokécheck, PkParíso, The Spriters Resource, and Pkmn Cards. Wikipedia was used for the origins page.