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Welcome to Rare Candy, a collective of Pokémon fansites. Pokémon has been part of my life since I first played Red as a kid, and I've run Pokémon websites for over ten years. This collective is a small way to show my love for one of my favorite game series.

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Fury Cutter ∗ Scyther

Imprison ∗ Ninetales

Soul Dew ∗ Latias

Level 20 ∗ Gyarados



Some other things I have in mind.


In the mid 2000s, I opened a Pokémon fansite. I had recently gotten back into the series after a few years off and found some Pokémon sites online, and it inspired me to create a site of my own. While my site wasn't anything special, it served as a great introduction and helped me learn a great deal about the fundamentals of web design. I ended up closing that site a few years later, but around that time I discovered fanlistings, and ended up opening one for Scyther — the same one I run today.

I've had a couple of different Pokémon-related domains over the years, the last of which was rare-candy.net. I always liked that name, even after I let the domain go, so when I decided to bring back the collective as a subdomain, it was my first choice for a name.

In general this is a fansite collective. I used to run a ton of Pokémon fanlistings, but ended up adopting them out when my interest waned in the series (as it does every few years; it's hard to stay consistently interested in something for 20 years). Since I have a lot of other websites across my domain, I try to keep this collective to mostly fansites. I'm not adverse to adding fanlistings here, it's just not a priority.

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The following are my favorite general Pokémon sites out there. I knew several of the site owners personally back when I ran my old fansite; unfortunately I lost contact with most of them over the years. Still, these sites are all of excellent quality and come with my highest recommendation. For fansites to individual Pokémon characters, please refer to the link pages on my fansites.

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