Ninetales has been my favorite Pokémon since I first played Pokémon Red. Because that was 23 years ago, my memory's a little fuzzy on the details, and I can't remember where or how I first encountered Ninetales — especially because Vulpix isn't even in Red. Chances are I ended up catching one in Yellow. In any case, the first time I saw Ninetales, I was sold for life.

When I was a kid, the fact that it was beautiful was enough, and I still do think it's the most gorgeous Pokémon. (Seriously, if it was real, all I would want to do is hug it. I am still a kid at heart.) The Fire type, too, has always been my favorite. As I've gotten older, Ninetales's other qualities have kept me in love with it, like the fact that it's a powerful, fearsome creature that could totally lay a curse on you if it wanted. I've long found it fascinating, and am always on the lookout for Ninetales merchandise. (I swear one day I'll set aside the money for a fan-made plush, since Nintendo sees fit to never put one out.)

I've used a Ninetales in the game several times, even when it didn't make any sense in my party — I'm absolutely guilty of picking the Fire-type starter and using that plus Ninetales. (Hey, if it's Charizard, I need somebody who can use Fly anyway.) I've EV trained it to see it to its max potential, and I've tried out a variety of movesets. More than anything, though, I love getting to use my favorite Pokémon in the game. ♥ There's just something about sending it out and getting to see it battle that's special. (Yeah, I'm a sap.)

I've wanted to make this site for ages; my thanks to Amassment's Creature Feature marathon for the push to get it done. The site opened in May 2014, after a couple days of work. Fastest site turnaround ever! I had a ton of fun building this site; I hope it shows.

name, layout, & credits

The site name comes from the move Imprison, which Vulpix learns early on in most generations. I considered a few different names for this site (Flash Fire and Fire Spin were also contenders), but I kept coming back to Imprison. I rarely use it in the game, but I feel like it really speaks to what Ninetales's Pokédex entries talk about: if you cross a Ninetales, it'll curse you for a thousand years. Yes, it's a very beautiful Pokémon, but it's not one to take lightly, given its origins. So Imprison was perfect.

This layout features Ninetales's Dream World art and my two favorite TCG cards for it. Resources used are by so-ghislaine, vierawood, (defunct), and chamberten.

Information about Ninetales was referenced primarily from Bulbapedia and veekun. Sprites and card images were taken from those two sources above and also Psypoke, Serebii, Pokécheck, PkParíso, Silver Islands, The Spriters Resource, and Pkmn Cards. Wikipedia was used for the origins page.

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