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base stats

Each Pokémon has base stats that determine how powerful it is. These stats go on to influence many other aspects of a Pokémon's capabilities. Ninetales's base stats are as follows:

HP: 73
Attack: 76
Defense: 75
Special Attack: 81
Special Defense: 100
Speed: 100
Total: 505

Ninetales isn't in the top percentile of Pokémon, stats-wise, but its Special Defense and Speed are nothing to scoff at, and if augmented properly with EVs, Ninetales can withstand a lot. See the strategy section for more tips.


Ninetales's usual ability is Flash Fire. This prevents Ninetales from being damaged by Fire-type moves, and, once a move has been blocked, Ninetales's Fire-type moves do 1.5x damage until it leaves the battle. Unfortunately, you won't often find opponents who use Fire-type moves against Ninetales on purpose, so this ability isn't very good.

Generation V introduced Hidden Abilities, which you can get through a variety of methods; Bulbapedia has more information if you're interested. Ninetales's second ability is Drought, a far more useful option (and previously only available to Groudon, and later also Mega Charizard Y). Drought changes the weather to sunny. If a Pokémon with Drought is sent out at the same time as a Pokémon with another weather ability, the Pokémon with the slower speed's ability will activate.

In Gen V, it lasts indefinitely unless cancelled by another weather move; in Gen VI it lasts only five turns unless the user is holding a Heat Rock, which will change it to eight turns.


Ninetales evolves from Vulpix through the use of a Fire Stone. Like many Pokémon that evolve through the use of a stone, Ninetales learns no moves on its own; if you want to teach it anything, you need to use a TM. (Generations II and III are the exception to this; Ninetales could learn Fire Spin at level 43 and 45, respectively, but this changed in the later generations.)

There are many different locations to find Fire Stones in the games; in some generations, you can buy them in stores; in others, they're given to you by certain people. Bulbapedia has a full list of locations for all your Fire Stone needs.

Of course, you'll need a Vulpix first. veekun's breakdown will get you a Vulpix in no time. (Vulpix can't be caught in Gen VI — it needs to be bred from a Ninetales caught in a Fire-type Friend Safari.)


Ninetales and Vulpix are part of the Field egg group, which gives them a decent number of Pokémon to breed with. Personally, I don't find breeding all that important with Ninetales; most of its good egg moves are — at least by Gen VI — moves that it learns by level-up, or can be taught by TM. Hypnosis is the only move of note that it doesn't learn by level-up.


There are many good move lists out there for Ninetales, so I won't bother copying one here. I personally recommend veekun for the many options it has. You can find a link to Ninetales at other Pokédexes at the bottom of that page.

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