Latias is up there with Articuno as my favorite legendary Pokémon. The reasons are, I have to confess, pretty shallow: it's an adorable pink psychic dragon. How was I not supposed to fall in love with her? But hey, Latias is a legendary and they're all pretty damn awesome so I think I can be forgiven for that.

The problem is, while Hoenn is my favorite generation and I played it more than any other Pokémon game... I played Ruby, not Sapphire. And of course I never went to any of the special events to get the Eon Ticket back in 2003. I did eventually take possession of my sister's copy of Sapphire when she lost interest in Pokémon, but the long and short of this is that I never actually got to catch and train Latias in my main game (Ruby).

So how the hell did I ever get one? Confession time: I totally Gamesharked an Eon Ticket. Let's be real, I knew I was never going to get ome legitimately, so it seemed like the next best thing. I have no regrets, anyway, because I got to actually see the Southern Island, catch my Latias, and EV train her to use in the Battle Tower. I eventually traded her to Emerald, where she led my team throughout the Battle Frontier to victory many, many times.

Unfortunately she's still stuck there, because I don't have all of the right games to transfer her up to the current generation. And what's worse, I got Omega Ruby, so I was still stuck with Latios in the current generation. This is the story of my life. (I did eventually get one from a friend, thankfully.)

I have nothing against Latios, for the record, I just like Latias a lot more for reasons I've never really been able to determine. She's cuter? And pink? And a girl? I can be shallow, okay, this is Pokémon.

name, layout, & credits

The site name comes, of course, from Latias's hold item, the Soul Dew. I've always thought it was a really fantastic item with a great name and I always wanted to name a Latias site after it. Of course, Latios can hold it too, but I associate it with Latias because it's what I gave my Latias to hold when I used her back in Emerald. There was really no other name that fit.

This layout features Latias's Dream World art and art from one of the TCG cards. Textures used are by blackyaisa and fivepointsapart, with brushes by celestial-star.

Information about Latias was referenced primarily from Bulbapedia and veekun. Sprites and card images were taken from those two sources above and also Psypoke, Serebii, PkParíso, The Spriters Resource, and Pkmn Cards.

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