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Put simply, Ruby and Sapphire are my childhood. It's not that they were the first Pokemon games I played — that was Red, when I was much younger — but Ruby and Sapphire were the ones that I played and cherished the most. I fell in love with the Hoenn region in a way that I hadn't since the first Pokemon games, and in Ruby I managed to do something I hadn't done since Pokémon Yellow: I actually completed my Pokédex! Plus, Hoenn had contests and secret bases — what's not awesome about that? Absolutely nothing.

I put over 200 hours into Ruby and played through Sapphire several times as well, and to this day, Hoenn remains my favorite generation. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when the remakes were finally announced: not only were my favorite games finally coming back out, they were going to be on the excellent Gen VI engine. Sure enough, Omega Ruby was every bit as good as the game I cherished as a kid, and in many ways even better.

The site title comes from a track on the OR/AS OST; I thought it was quite fitting given the theme of the game. Pokémon is all about getting along in the end, a lesson that even Teams Aqua and Magma learn when their plans fail them. The layout image came from Creative Uncut; it's Slateport Beach! You can see Slateport behind it, Mauville in the distance, and Mt. Chimney in the background. I thought it was a gorgeous piece and when I saw it I knew I wanted to use it for the layout. Background pattern by subtlepatterns.


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I'm happy to affiliate with any fanlisting related to Pokémon. Contact me if you're interested.

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